Natural Medicine - Shiatsu Massage

The thing with most massage is to unwind and let tension dissolve. In natural medicine, shiatsu massage is really used to line up and stabilize the different meridians in the body, through particular pressure points.


A shiatsu massage varies from other kinds of massage in a number of methods. This kind of massage comes from Japan. Shiatsu really means "finger pressure" in Japanese. The meridians that the shiatsu massage therapist concentrates on are the paths that bring energy or “chi into the body.


The massage is done on the flooring, with the customer resting on a mat or futon cushion. It is done totally outfitted. The therapist does not use oil or creams, so there is no need to remove your clothes to get a shiatsu massage.


They will then examine the organs by continuing them separately within the abdominal area. While pushing, they are looking at the health and flexibility of the organs. The info they receive from this analysis will advise them on ways to continue with the massage.


After this assessment is total, the customer will lie face down, while the shiatsu body work is done on the back of the body. The massage will normally end face up with a recheck of the organs. This will inform the therapist whether development has been made, and show what to deal with in the next session.

Although shiatsu means "finger pressure", there are in fact a range of strategies used throughout a massage session. You might experience rocking of the body, rotation of the limbs, and extending of the limbs and muscles.


So, the shiatsu massage therapist is working to assist you be unwinded, yes. But, the primary goal of the massage is to work within your body's meridians to accomplish balance and recovery. Before starting a profession in shiatsu massage, the therapist will speak with and remember a meridian chart, which shows which body systems and organs are impacted by specific meridians.


The primary factor that this massage is done on the flooring is that the shiatsu massage therapist will be using their entire body throughout the massage. This remains in contrast to the typical massage therapist, who utilizes a table and pressure from their hands to provide the massage. It's typical for the therapist to use their elbows, feet, and pressure from the entire body to deal with the customer.


This standard type of massage has been considered to be "medication" for several years by different cultures. It is not covered under medical insurance, and is not shown to have alleviative qualities under today's meanings of contemporary medication. So, it does not have clinical evidence, but has  stood the test of time. Lots of people depend on it today, and will continue using it to stabilize their chi.